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A clear day in the early nineteen-eighties, for example. A man drives past the harbor of the city in which he lives. He sees docked boats, restaurants, children at play, the island sleeping in the distance. Without quite meaning to, he remembers that the island is a…

Tweets from SEIU Local 500’s Nonprofit Summit in Washington DC on 9/21/13. 


The change-the-world industry can be clique-y, gossipy, back-stabbing, fiercely competitive. It reminds me of Thomas Merton’s phrase - “wars among saints.” The word philanthropy means “love of humanity.” This love cannot be picky. It can’t be confined to a feeling of compassion toward a grantees’…

It matters whose story you’re listening to.

5 things that inhibit our ability to listen to those on the receiving end of aid 

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"I was reminded how hard development work is, and how fruitless it can be when we don’t take the time to know people."



It’s touted as the largest slum in Africa. The sea of rusty tin roofs, interspersed with piles of garbage and gullies of free-flowing sewage, is an icon of global poverty—a location featured in the film The Constant Gardener and the scene of countless celebrity photo ops. The first time I saw…